[mythtv-users] Problem: LiveTV ok, recordings are crappy

Paolo Asioli paolo.asioli at libero.it
Sun Jun 22 19:47:15 UTC 2008

Solved !!!!  (At least I hope..., but I'm optimistic)

Thank you all for the informations, all the pieces of info and the 
evidence led me to think that in theory the problem shouldn't have been 
there in the first place.

So I've found out where the NICE is set for the backend (in 
/etc/defaults/mythbackend or something like that) and I've set it at -10
So far I've tried two recordings at the same time and both are perfect. 
So maybe I've hit the real problem: somehow recordings would get lower 
priority and lag behing the MPEG stream. As an additional proof that I 
may have solved the problem is that the "wait" % of top disappeared 
while recording.

So please accept my thanks for the support. You've been very very nice 
and shown that this is a great community with lots of helpful people!

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Nick Morrott ha scritto:
> On 22/06/2008, Brian Wood <beww at beww.org> wrote:
>> On Sunday 22 June 2008 08:29:08 Nick Morrott wrote:
>>  >
>>  > As you have 2 DVB-T tuners, it's highly likely that LiveTV and
>>  > scheduled recordings are using different tuners. In LiveTV (where you
>>  > don't see any problems) change to the other tuner's input (you can do
>>  > this via the OSD menu) and see if you start to see the same types of
>>  > problems you see in your scheduled recordings. Under normal
>>  > circumstances, MythTV will use the first capture card input configured
>>  > (highest recording preference) for scheduled recordings, and the last
>>  > input configured (lowest recording preference) for LiveTV.
>>  >
>>  > Based on your report, it is very likley that the signal levels to the
>>  > two tuners are different, and that the tuner for LiveTV has a stronger
>>  > signal than the tuner being used first for scheduled recordings. A
>>  > simple test is to schedule 2 recordings at the same time on different
>>  > channels (and on different multiplexes if you have multirec enabled to
>>  > make sure different physical tuners are used). Another test is to
>>  > watch LiveTV and enable Picture in Picture when both tuners will be
>>  > used at the same time, and see if you have any problems.
>>  >
>>  > When using DVB/ATSC tuners, picture breakup/green blocks/freezes/audio
>>  > pops are indicative of poor signal quality - so this needs to be
>>  > checked first. If you swap over the RF flyleads into your 2 USB
>>  > tuners, do you now see perfect recordings but poor LiveTV?
>> I believe the behavior you describe is controlled by a setup option
>>  called "avoid conflicts between live TV and recordings" (or something like
>>  that). Without that option being set Myth starts either recordings or live TV
>>  with the first tuner.
> As I understand things looking at
> http://cvs.mythtv.org/trac/changeset/13618, that setting controls
> whether or not the scheduler will interrupt a LiveTV session (if
> disabled) or will reschedule a recording later if a LiveTV session is
> in progress (if enabled). I don't think it generally affects which
> card is used for LiveTV.

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