[mythtv-users] Firewire and F8

Harry Devine lifter89 at comcast.net
Sun Jun 22 02:06:52 UTC 2008

Mitch Gore wrote:
>     OK, so I used the "Delete All Capture Cards" option and got everything
>     back.  Encoder 1 is my Analog portion of the pcHD5500, Encoder 2
>     is the
>     Digital portion, and Encoder 3 is the Firewire from my DCT-3412
>     STB.  I
>     have the Firewire setup to use Broadcast @ 100mbps.  However, there is
>     one strange thing that I can't seem to find an answer to:  when I
>     switch
>     to a channel on Firewire, the audio is about 2 or 3 seconds ahead
>     of the
>     video.  I tried searching Gossamer threads but didn't see anything,
>     although it IS possible that I missed it.
>     Any ideas?  I'm SOOOO close now! :-)
>     Thanks,
>     Harry
> Is your system being taxed?  That could cause issues.  Another thing 
> to try is record a show via the firewire then try and play the file in 
> mplayer.  This will let us know if we should focus on Myth or the 
> Firewire connection.  (more than likely myth)
> Also,  Do you have extra audio buffering enabled?
> Mitchell
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Just a follow up:  I found where the "Extra Audio Buffering Enabled" 
option was (it was in the mythfrontend->Utilities/Setup->TV Settings; I 
don't recall exactly where, but it was down that path, and it was 
enabled.  Anyway, I setup a test recording on USA-HD which is only 
available to me via Firewire on the STB.  It recorded fine.

However, when I went to play it back, I noticed that is was real jumpy 
and choppy.  I checked another recording that was recorded via my DVB 
input and it was the same way.  I went back into those settings 
mentioned above and looked at the Playback settings.  In those screens, 
I noticed that the default setting for Playback was CPU++.  I changed it 
to Slim and now the playback for both recordings is perfect.  The audio 
and video match, and the video isn't choppy at all.  I never use Myth to 
watch LiveTV, so if it's still lagging behind, for LiveTV, that doesn't 
matter that much to me.  As long as any Firewire recordings look good, 
that's all that matters.

Thanks alot to everyone for their suggestions and patience (regarding my 
ignorance! LOL!).

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