[mythtv-users] ACPI Wakeup and Mythwelcome

Kevin Plew kevin at plewnet.com
Sun Jun 1 22:18:14 UTC 2008


I'm having a problem getting my system to wakeup to do a recording after
it shuts down automatically.

My Backend log shows:
2008-06-01 17:27:44.486 CheckShutdownServer returned - OK to shutdown
2008-06-01 17:27:44.495 Running the command to set the next scheduled
wakeup time :-
                                                mythshutdown -w
"2008-06-01 17:56"
2008-06-01 17:27:44.577 Running the command to shutdown this computer :-
                                                mythshutdown --shutdown

but checking /proc/acpi/alarm shows:

[mythtv at kojiki ~]$ sudo cat /proc/acpi/alarm
2008-06-00 17:56:00

The system never wakes up- I assuming due to the date being 2008-06-00

My setup is as follows:
FC8 Kernel
Myth .21-187
Asus P5B Deluxe MB
BIOS setting wakeup by RTC- Disabled

Myth-setup settings:
wakeup time format: yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm
Command to set Wakeup time: mythshutdown -w "$time"
Server halt command: mythshutdown --shutdown
Pre Shutdown check: mythshutdown --check

Mythwelcome settings:
Command to set wakeup time: sudo sh -c 'echo $time > /proc/acpi/alarm'
Wakeup time format: yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss
nvram-wake restart command: Blank

Thanks for any help.

Kevin Plew
Dad & Webmaster

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