[mythtv-users] Any Updates on Neuros OSD and MythTV?

Eric Mesa ericsbinaryworld at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 15:38:49 UTC 2008

Google brought up this message ->

and I couldn't see anything in the first few results that has any further
mention of MythTV and Neuros OSD.  Does anyone on here have experience using
the Neuros OSD as a front end?  At $179 it's certainly cheaper than building
a small front end from scratch and it has the bonus quality of being perfect
to archive all those VHS tapes I have lying around so I can watch them with

I've been in contact with one of the developers and showed him the MythTV
Totem Plugin code which he said is really good news in that he sees it as
very easy to integrate MythTV with the Neuros.  However, he also mentioned
the bad news in that no one at the company is working on it at the time.

To sum up my ramblings.

1)  Has anyone tried using MythTV and Neuros OSD with the default Neuros
software?  Is it a PITA to setup and use?
2)  Anyone willing to work on adapting the MythTV Totem Plugin to work on
the Neuros?


Eric Mesa
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