[mythtv-users] Looking for a recommendation for a PCI-Express video card with TV-Out

Peter VanDerWal peter at vanderwal.us
Thu Jun 19 08:52:01 UTC 2008

>> Are there any such motherboards that have s-video out? I had trouble
> finding
> any. What would be the best way to use intel integrated graphics and hook
> it
> up to a plain SDTV with svideo/composite in? I might need to do some
> hardware updates soon and am very interested in this option.

The Asus M2NPV-VM has Composite, S-video and Component video outputs (as
well as VGA).  I like it.  I've heard recently that it might have problems
with the onboard Ethernet, but I use Wifi so I've never noticed and

I decided to go with Component video output instead of HDMI because I
split the signal and send it to both my plasma screen and along 40+ feet
of cable to my ceiling mounted projector.  This works great and I don't
need any video amplifiers, etc.

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