[mythtv-users] Clean OS procedure

jonny Linux jonnylinux at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 10:16:43 UTC 2008


> - Run setup to configure capture cards etc
> - Tell myth where recordings and videos are
>    I don't use default locations

If you're using mysqldump to get a database backup, the above two lines will
be overwritten when you restore the database. Assuming you're using the same
mountpoints for your recordings/videos as you do now, you won't need to do
this. Similarly with restoring capture cards, if they have the same /dev
files, you shouldn't need to run setup.

If you do run setup, make sure you've restored the database first.

>    Can't remember where the bit to tell Myth these things is, but I'm
> sure I'll find it
> - Restore Database
>    I saw a few lines on how to do this on a Mythbuntu wiki page I think
> Am I missing anything?

I usually like to take a copy of /etc/X11/xorg.conf, just in case I can't
get the video card drivers to install. Also, I like to copy /var/www/html,
mainly for mythweb (which will get regenerated when you install it), but
occasionally I store other files in there too.

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