[mythtv-users] Clean OS procedure

Ran Nachmany Ran at gilat.com
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If you new OS installation will not use the same hostname as the prev
one, you will need to manually update the settings table in the

Ran Nachmany
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Hello all,

My new hardware will be arriving in a couple of days so I want to plan 
how to set everything back up as painlessly as possible. Here's my plan 
at the moment, let me know if I'm missing anything ...

- Back up database
    I think there's an option in the Mythbuntu Control centre to do this
- Back up relevant 'home' bits
    Lirc config file
    Perviously working xorg.conf file
- Install Ubuntu, 64bit version
    I'll clean out the root and home partition, but keep the partition 
with recordings in tact
- Add Mythbuntu
- Run setup to configure capture cards etc
- Tell myth where recordings and videos are
    I don't use default locations
    Can't remember where the bit to tell Myth these things is, but I'm 
sure I'll find it
- Restore Database
    I saw a few lines on how to do this on a Mythbuntu wiki page I think

Am I missing anything?

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