[mythtv-users] mythflix - user account & password?

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Thu Jun 19 02:54:43 UTC 2008

Mark Knecht wrote:
> With mythflix installed under Gentoo I now have some linkage to
> NetFlix. I can now see new movies, etc. However I'm not finding where
> I'm supposed to place my account ID and password so that mythflix can
> retrieve rental history and current queue. Where is that setting?
> It seems obvious that it should be in
> Utilities/Setup->Setup->Info Center Settings->NetFlix

According to the README that comes with mythflix:

Currenty, MythFlix plugin lacks a more rebust configuration UI.  So your
netflix account settings need to be initilized manually.
To do this run the following command.  For some reason to properly 
the netflix cookie you must run script twice.  The '-q queueName' part is
optional and if specified will allow MythFlix to support multiple NetFlix
queues.  This queue name is an internal name Myth uses to show you what
NetFlix queue you are currently viewing, it does not have to be the same as
the user/queue name on the NetFlix website.

/usr/local/share/mythtv/mythflix/scripts/netflix.pl <-q queueName> -L 
<userid> <
/usr/local/share/mythtv/mythflix/scripts/netflix.pl <-q queueName> -L 
<userid> <


After running the plugin once you must manually enter your NetFlix Queue RSS
feed into the database.  This can be found by going to NetFlix.com, login,
click RSS feed at the bottom of the page. Cut and paste the url into netflix
table with the is_queue flag set.  If you specified a queueName above, you
need to use that queueName in the SQL below, otherwise leave the queueName
field empty (ie, '') in the SQL.  The RSS feeds are unique for each Queue
you create on the NetFlix website, so be sure to specify the correct RSS 
URLs for your MythFlix queues.

   insert into netflix values ("Queue","NetFlix", '[YOUR QUEUE RSS 
cdn.nflximg.com/us/icons/nficon.ico', null, 1, '[YOUR QUEUENAME 
   insert into netflix values ("History","NetFlix", '[YOUR HISTORY RSS 
p://cdn.nflximg.com/us/icons/nficon.ico', null, 2, '[YOUR QUEUENAME 


Once you have installed mythflix you need to set it up. Go to
Settings->NetFlix Settings (This will setup the mythflix database for you
automatically). On the Settings page there will be RRS feed on
the left window. Double clicking or selecting and pressing
return/space will add them to the database (These will also be shown
on the right window). Now exit the setup page (by pressing ESC).

Go to the NetFlix main page and you should see the RSS feeds on the
left column and corresponding movies on the right). You can
move between RSS feeds/articles using the UP/DOWN keys and between
the news sites column and articles column using the LEFT/RIGHT

In the Queue screen, pressing "ENTER" will bring up a menu of options to
perform on the current selection including "Move to top of queue" and
"Remove from queue".  Also, pressing "1" will move an item to the top of the
queue while "D" will remove it from the queue.


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