[mythtv-users] Odd behaviour when a program is scheduled to record by two schedules at once

Nick Craig-Wood nick at craig-wood.com
Wed Jun 18 20:29:51 UTC 2008

I've got a bit of an odd problem with mythtv which I'm having
difficulty finding the solution to!  Probably because I'm having
difficulty explaining the problem in once sentence...

I'll give a specific example...

I have a recording schedule which records "House" at high priority (+8).

  * Record at any time on any channel.
  * Priority: 8

I also have a power search which records any programs on in the
evening which have a high rating.  This schedule has a low priority
(-4) so it doesn't interfere with anything else.

  * Record at any time on any channel.
  * Power Search
  * Search phrase: HOUR(program.starttime) >= 19 AND HOUR(program.starttime) <= 23 AND program.stars >= 0.67
  * Priority: -4

I get my listing data from Radio Times, and they have recently started
giving the RT choices of the day a high rating which is fantastic and
exactly what I want for filling up the box with good TV.

However the problem comes when "House" is a Radio Times choice of the
day (which it often is).

What happens then is that one program is scheduled to record by two
recording schedules.  What I'd expect to happen is that the high
priority one would win and "House" would definitely be recorded.
However what actually happens is that the low priority recording
schedule wins, and "House" is scheduled to record with a priority of
-4.  This then means that isn't recorded because there are other
recordings of higher priority at the same time which is absolutely not
what I want to happen (my wife will kill me!).

I'm running 0.20.2.svn20071021-0.2 which isn't the latest version, so
perhaps this is fixed in the latest version?

I could perhaps re-number or re-order the recording schedules to get
them to activate in the other order - would that help?


Nick Craig-Wood <nick at craig-wood.com> -- http://www.craig-wood.com/nick

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