[mythtv-users] mythweb and the Nokia N95

Xavier Hervy xavier.hervy at bluebottle.com
Wed Jun 18 19:52:34 UTC 2008

Bert Haverkamp wrote:
> Hello all,
> Has anyone on this list played with streaming video to the Nokia N95?
> I've been trying to get it to work from mythweb. Flash video works
> fine to a webbrowser. I had to disable the wap support on mythweb to
> get the full html version on my mobile
> The N95 supports flash since the last firmware release. So I was
> hoping for  a lucky break.  Unfortunately, it didn't happen.
> The N95's webbrowser supports youtube just fine. The movies are shown
> in realplayer.  Any chance to get this working with mythweb?
> Can anyone with more detailed knowledge of flash and/or mythweb comment on this?
> Regards,
> Bert
Hi Bert,

Does mythweb have flash video support ? I never seen this feature, is it 
in trunk?

I have a n95 too and I like to have my recording available on my phone 
but not in streaming, so I can watch them at any moment.
I wrote a script to export the videos. I am using video center (as 
reuters, Sony, youtube) to display the video (see 
). And create the rss feed for each series. I would like to integrate it 
from mythweb at some point.

Does any body is working on a daemon to deal with the transcoding. Would 
be nice to have a service ton do the transcoding and be able to 
configure it from mythtv or mythweb.


Finally - A spam blocker that actually works.

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