[mythtv-users] media mvp

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Wed Jun 18 18:12:26 UTC 2008

On Jun 18, 2008, at 11:02 AM, Roger Heflin wrote:

> Kevin Robbins wrote:
>> Hey again list....
>> I have recently learned that a hauppauge media mvp will work as a  
>> front end
>> with no configuration. Is this true?? Is there ay limitation as far  
>> as the
>> firmware version or revision numbers of the mvp? I'm itching a  
>> responce, I
>> will buy two today if this is the case. I'm sick of the VIA EPIA  
>> m-10000
>> saga!!
> You use a custom tftpboot image to boot it that supports mythtv, how  
> exactly you
> get it to boot somewhat depends on exactly what revision of the mvp  
> you have.
> The video being viewed *MUST* be =<720x480, mpeg2/mp3 with a bitrate  
> less 8-12 Mbps.
> Files that don't match that can be viewed via VLC (where the server  
> transcodes
> on the fly to something that will work), or via pre-converting the  
> files to
> something that works.
> On mine I automatically (as a mythtv user job)  transcode any HD  
> stuff down to
> 720x480 stuff so I can view it on the mvpmc.
> And they way memory management is done it will start to have issues  
> running out
> of ram when you get around 1000-2000 recordings, and currently it  
> does need to
> be restarted sometimes to clear up memory issues if you have a lot  
> of recordings
> (it does restart in under 5 seconds from the remote control, and the  
> more
> recordings you have the more of an issue this is-you will probably  
> never notice
> if you have under 100 recordings-this is being worked on).
> See:
> http://www.mvpmc.org/

So much for "no configuration". ;)

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