[mythtv-users] media mvp

Roger Heflin rogerheflin at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 18:02:35 UTC 2008

Kevin Robbins wrote:
> Hey again list....
> I have recently learned that a hauppauge media mvp will work as a front end
> with no configuration. Is this true?? Is there ay limitation as far as the
> firmware version or revision numbers of the mvp? I'm itching a responce, I
> will buy two today if this is the case. I'm sick of the VIA EPIA m-10000
> saga!!

You use a custom tftpboot image to boot it that supports mythtv, how exactly you 
get it to boot somewhat depends on exactly what revision of the mvp you have.

The video being viewed *MUST* be =<720x480, mpeg2/mp3 with a bitrate less 8-12 Mbps.

Files that don't match that can be viewed via VLC (where the server transcodes 
on the fly to something that will work), or via pre-converting the files to 
something that works.

On mine I automatically (as a mythtv user job)  transcode any HD stuff down to 
720x480 stuff so I can view it on the mvpmc.

And they way memory management is done it will start to have issues running out 
of ram when you get around 1000-2000 recordings, and currently it does need to 
be restarted sometimes to clear up memory issues if you have a lot of recordings 
(it does restart in under 5 seconds from the remote control, and the more 
recordings you have the more of an issue this is-you will probably never notice 
if you have under 100 recordings-this is being worked on).



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