[mythtv-users] ticket locking

Udo van den Heuvel udovdh at xs4all.nl
Wed Jun 18 15:02:29 UTC 2008

Greg Estabrooks wrote:
>> When my written word isn't enough...
>  Oh come on, you can't be for real.

You doubt my existence?

>  You provided no specifics on the problem on than 
> anecdotal "I think there is a problem" and when asked for more details
> you get upset?

Upset is what you read in my words.

>  What do you expect a developer to do? Spend days and hours finding 
> problem based off a report that contains no details for them to even
> begin narrowing down the problem?

Jump to extremes.

>  No one has stated that you are lying or are incorrect. They are
> asking for assistance from you for details in order to even
> begin to reproduce and fix the problem.

Valgrind is not an option here.
My setup is quite simple/light.
The only 'extreme' is continuously recording three channels via 7
virtual tuners and 1 physical DVB-T tuner card.

Not doing much else with the box.

So yes, that is all there is.
And I could have been a bit more specific.
Because I was assuming that just recording was nothing special, the fact
that it grew to 40% of the system doing so *was* special.

>  If you cannot or willnot provide any details, and if noone else
> experiencing it can provide any then it will remain undiagnosed.

Too bad.
We'll wait a few week so i can post all the ps -ef's etc that you need
to believe me. I do hope you can provide an other way than valgrind to
assist you in finding the locations of the supposed leaks.

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