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Depo Catcher depocatcher at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 13:44:49 UTC 2008


Allen Edwards wrote:
> All day and I am not close to where I was on my prototype machine.  My
> new Asus M3A, Asus 6200, AMD 5400+, air2pc 0.2, Mythbuntu 8.04 machine
> has a few problems.
> I have searched far and wide (for almost all of the last 20 hours).  I
> have been down so many dead ends -- "just modify xxx.conf", but there
> is no xxx.conf on my computer...  I searched the archives and googled
> myself nuts.  I even got help from someone at Google.  (disclosure: I
> am not the person with my name that works at Google).
> 1) Latest problem is that I cannot get sound out both S/PDIF and
> Analog at same time.  I did this on my P4 prototype but I can't get it
> to work on the new system.  Basically, when I set it up the way I did
> with the P4 system, I get S/PDIF out but the analog goes mute.   That
> setup in myth general setup is:
> Audio output ALSA :default
> Passthrough:  ALSA: iec958{...
> Enable AC3
> Enable DTS
> No agressive
> No internal volume.
> Now, this sound card (on board) says it can send different sources to
> the various outputs such that one thing can go to the S/PDIF and
> another to the analog outputs.  I tested this and sure enough I could
> have the TV going to the S/PDIF and a "sound-test" signal to the left
> and right analog speakers.  I think the P4 system sent the same signal
> to both outputs.
> I cannot find a setting or myth setup that will give me analog audio
> when S\PDIF bypss is selected.
> The chip is an Azalia chip (AC'97 replacement).
> Anyone know how I can get both analog and S/PDIF out of Mythbuntu?
> This was the reason I bought this MB!  What a pity if it won't work.
> 2) My air2pc card takes 5 minutes to lock the first time after a boot.
>  After that, it works fine.  This card did not do this in the P4
> system.
> 3) When the air2pc card is installed, 30% of the time the computer
> boots up in low resolution mode.  It is not recognizing the monitor.
> This is the same monitor that worked fine  with the P4 system.  With
> the air2pc card removed, I did 7 boots in a row without a problem.
> First boot after putting the card back and it failed.  I tried to
> upgrade to the latest Nvidia driver (173.14.09) but that doesn't work.
>  I then ran Envyng, uninstalled, installed, and ended up where I
> started at 169.12.  Apparently that is the latest Ubuntu version.  So
> I gave up that idea. I upgraded everything else in the system, but no
> change.  I might know how to work around this if a real solution
> cannot be found. I say might because I am building a dual monitor
> machine and if the card can't recognize the monitors, how is it going
> to know which profile to assign???
> 4) On shutdown, I see error messages "NetworkManager:
> nm_dbus_signal_device_status_change: assertion
> 'cb-data->data->dbus_connection' failed" I searched this one and some
> people say to ignore it but I list it here in case it is connected
> with the others.  Maybe just a harmless bug, don't know.
> In less than 4 hours, I will have worked on this for 24 hours taking
> time out to go for a short run, shop for food, and eat -- nothing
> else.
> I am about to throw the damn thing through the window and forget it.
> Time for sleep.  Got more important things to do tomorrow.
> Seriously, help on any of these problems would be appreciated.
> Allen
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