[mythtv-users] duplicate recordings - at the same time!

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Jun 18 01:56:02 UTC 2008

On 06/17/2008 02:33 PM, Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 11:56 AM, Dean Wilson wrote:
>> I have four capture cards, associated with three inputs.  (Two analog
>> OTA HD channels, one analog cable, and one digital cable.)
>> But it seems that after moving to Schedules Direct some time back,
>> I've had continued problems with duplicate recordings.  It seems
>> almost like the recordings are marked as different shows, depending on
>> which channel they're captured on.  For example, I have a recording
>> schedule for "The Unit," but when I look at upcoming recordings, I see
>> that myth is trying to record the same show at the same time.
>> Digital Cable Card     The Unit         201 - CBS HD (KC)       Sat Jun 28,
>> 2008
>> (08:00 PM)      1 hr
>> Conflict                     The Unit   5 - CBS (KC)            Sat Jun
>> 28, 2008 (08:00 PM)     1 hr
>> Analog Cable Card 1 The Unit    13 - CBS (Tpka.)       Sat Jun 28, 2008
>> (08:00 PM)      1 hr
>> The "Conflict" is due to my mythbox trying to record the same show on
>> the same capture card on two channels at once.
>> Looking at the channel information for all three channels listed
>> above, I have the following:
>> KCTVDT    5.1   CBS HD (KC)
>> WIBW       13    CBS (Tpka.)
>> KCTV        5      CBS (KC)            (Analog card)
>> KCTVDT    201  CBS HD (KC)
>> KCTV        5      CBS KC              (Digital card)
>> First question: Is it a problem that I have two channel 5's?  They're
>> set that way because that's the channel the cable provider uses, and I
>> get the same channel on both the analog and digital cable card.
>> Second question: Why is myth trying to record the same episode three times?
>> Has anyone else had this problem?
> In addition to what was already said, if KCTV is the same lineup on both the
> analog and digital cards (SD version on digital broadcast, etc) then if you
> use the same xmltvid for both stations then their guide information will be
> identical and you will not have slight differences in the HD vs SD versions
> that could trip up the duplicate matching.  This can be done using the
> frontend channel editor.

Probably same callsign, too (or instead--i'd go with the xmltvid
reported for the channel on the SD website).

Note, also, that as long as it's not a generic episode, the subtitle and
description will almost never have an effect on duplicate matching
(because with SD you get good programid's--which are always used as a
definitive identification scheme regardless of the specified dup
matching criteria).  The only time subtitle and description come into
play is when you have "garbage" data that's missing programid--i.e. from
using another non-DD grabber (i.e. something other than SD or the TMS
DataDirect predecessor to SD), such as the "I'm too cheap to pay $20 a
year, so I'll use garbage data from some scraper" interim approaches
someone might have used.  (I can't tell what you had before "moving to
Schedules Direct some time back.")  And, anytime you switch listings
data providers, you basically give up duplicate matching against all
previously-recorded episodes because the descriptions and possibly
subtitles will differ--at the least, you give up accurate duplicate
matching.  (Note, also, that SD and DD are the same provider).

And, in the event that the episode /is/ a generic, it will be recorded
on /every/ different channel and/or every timeslot on which it airs
because--by definition--it's impossible to determine if you've already
seen a generic episode.  Note that when I say, "on every different
channel," I mean for every callsign (i.e. you tell Myth two different
channels are "the same" by assigning the same callsign).


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