[mythtv-users] Comcast to drop analog cable

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Jun 17 18:19:32 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 17 June 2008 12:05:05 David Brodbeck wrote:
> Brian Wood wrote:
> > On Tuesday 17 June 2008 11:42:29 David Brodbeck wrote:
> >> Given that some ISPs are now shifting away from the unlimited access
> >> model, I'm not sure downloadable HDTV content is going to remain an
> >> attractive proposition.  The service model Time Warner is testing in
> >> Texas charges $1/gigabyte for overages, which makes sending a DVD
> >> through the mail look relatively cheap.
> >
> > "Overage" from what? IOW what's the basic allowance that you get charged
> > or going "over".
> 5 gigabytes per month for the $29.95/month, 768 kbps plan; 40 gigabytes
> per month for the $59.95/month, 15 mbps plan.  They claim this is to
> solve the problem of 5% of the users consuming 50% of the bandwidth.

It's no different from the "unlimited" local telephone service, where the 
occasional user pays the same as the telemarketing center.

I don't see it as the big users taking advantage, I see it as the occasional 
user is being ripped off by paying for the high-volume use, same as everyone 
else, but not using it.

Will they offer to rebate the usage if you don't use it all? I doubt it.

> If it spreads it could really put a damper on video download sites.
> Some people think that's not by accident; surely Time Warner would
> rather have people pay them for their video-on-demand services instead
> of using their internet service as a pipe for someone else's.

It would not surprise me at all. The fact that one outfit like T/W can be the 
program supplier, the cable company and the ISP is a should-be regulated 
monopoly. Such thing seem to always lead to abuses.


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