[mythtv-users] Myth Scheduler doesn't work as expected for two tuners & multirecord=2

Bill Williamson bill at bbqninja.com
Sun Jun 15 01:48:17 UTC 2008

On Sun, Jun 15, 2008 at 10:50 AM, Bernard Mentink <bmentink at gmail.com> wrote:
>>I think it's probably a bad assumption that the devs want a whole lot
>>more converts.  It's not like they get paid more if there are a
>>million users.
> What you get paid has nothing to do with the comment. I just thought the
> developers might want to at least listen to what the average user
> likes/dislikes
> about Mythtv .... I guess what you are saying is that developers are wanting
> Mythtv for the developers. Ok fine, then maybe you would like to attract
> more developers?
> Comments like these won't do that .....

Your comment was antagonistic and rude, hence the response it got.
There is already a ticket to fix the bug eventually, and friendly
comments about this being an important case would likely be welcomed
in that bug or on the suggestions page of the wiki.

If you really care enough then set up a bounty, like was done for multirec.

>>The transition from watching TV live to watching all recorded can be
>>an adjustment.  I suggest taking it slow.  Most TVs have more than one
>>input... so use one for Myth, one for "LiveTV".  Start recording shows
>>you and the wife both watch on the Mythbox.  She'll really like
>>watching that 1 hour show in 44 minutes.  Then introduce time stretch
>>and watch the show in half an hour.  Pretty soon she'll want all the
>>shows on Myth and you'll need to buy more tuners and computers to keep
>>her happy!
> Sure Mike, you just force away with your preference, I couldn't disagree
> more .... What is wrong with giving the user some choice as per the rest of
> Mythtv, it's not like
> it's hard to do ...... better than dictatorship....

Way to ensure that all the developers POUNCE on your idea!!!!
Everyone will surely drop what they were doing and work on this right

You also should realize that you are in a VERY small minority of myth
users who actually use live TV.  I owned a tivo from 2000-2003, then
ran myth from 2004 onward.  I have not used livetv functionality
(without prescheduling) on ANY PVR since 2001.  If you want a system
that is focused around livetv, and adds vcr-style-recording as an
afterthough, then plain and simple mythtv is not for you.  A huge
amount of effort was spent actually depricating "traditional"
ringbuffer style livetv in .19 to allow for enhancements elsewhere.

>>My wife and kids watch absolutely no Live TV now and we really can't
>>stand the thoughts of it.  You'll find pretty quickly that it isn't
>>important at all.
> Good for you. I guess you want us all to drive the same car as you too
> ....... what, or who gives you the right to decide what is important to me?

1. I guess that you want BMW to custom build you a mercedes at no cost
because you demand it, and how dare they offer what they make.

2. He is telling you how most people successfully use mythtv, and the
benefits of it.  Most people use mythtv to watch LESS tv, not MORE.
Sitting down to mindlessly watch whatever is on is not a goal.

3. Pressing "menu->input" to change tuners is quite hard.  I hear all
of the cubans under castro had to press "menu->input" daily, and
mussolini was rumoured to have passed a law of the same vein.  One of
these days the freedom fighters will break free of the throngs of the
dictatorship, though, and a button to change tuners will never again
be needed!!!

4. Despite all of this bitching and moaning, and even incorrect
statements about waiting for shows to be over, you can watch tv within
10 seconds of it starting to be recorded.  Every year I host a party
for the AFL grand final, and I schedule the whole day to record.  We
can catch up to wtihin 5-10 seconds of "live" if we want, or let it
get 15 minutes ahead so that commercials get auto-skipped.  Going
through the recording interface has nothing to do with "waiting" or
not being able to watch it "as it happens."

Look, there are ways to make suggestions, and then there is demanding
that people who have spent thousands of hours of their own time do
what you want, and do it now.  You are obviously not a people person,
so perhaps you should lurk on the list a bit more to see how
successfull suggestions are made.

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