[mythtv-users] Switching between Mythtv and Amarok

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Jun 14 15:50:11 UTC 2008

On 06/14/2008 11:06 AM, Dave M G wrote:
> After reading your message, and following through on your suggestions, I 
> discovered that I had two .lircrc files, one seemingly autogenerated by 
> Mythbuntu on install, the other left over from my previous installation. 
> I made one a symlink to the other and now I have a little better 
> functionality. However...
>> Are you really selecting Amarok via the frontend menu or are you pushing 
>> the "Music" button on your remote (as configured below)?  There's a 
>> /huge/ difference
> The status now is that they are both weird.
> If I select the entry on the front end menu, Amarok starts, but the 
> MythTV interface screen stays up so I can't see Amarok.

More accurately, the problem is that amarok is started, but the Window 
Manager you're using places it behind MythTV.  You'll have to fix your 
WM/WM configuration for this to work properly so that amarok is in front.

> By the way, all I did to get the Amarok entry in the menu was add the 
> following to the mainmenu.xml file:
> <button>
> <type>MUSIC</type>
> <text>Amarok</text>
> <action>EXEC amarok</action>
> </button>

That looks pretty much right.  The "pretty much" refers only to my not 
knowing anything about amarok, but from your above description--which 
indicates amarok has a GUI--and assuming that amarok resolves to the 
binary that starts the GUI, starting amarok from mythfrontend should 
properly "focus" the LIRC events.

Note that even if you didn't create a script called amarok that 
backgrounds the GUI app, it may still work that way.  I.e. if amarok 
works like the firefox executable script that (eventually, through 
run-mozilla.sh) starts the firefox-bin GUI backgrounded, LIRC events 
won't be properly "focused".

> If I start Amarok with the "Music" button on my remote, for some reason 
> two instances of Amarok are started. Weird.

2 mappings for the Music button?  (I didn't see them in the original 
post, but I'm not sure how you changed things since then.  Still, it's 
most likely the below.)

You have repeat set to 3, so it may be that you're holding the button 
down long enough for 3 "repeats" to register with LIRC, so it re-runs 
irexec.  (Most remotes send the signals /very/ quickly, so 3 repeats 
doesn't take long.)

Really, repeat should be set to 0 for that function (one you don't want 
to repeat)--or, just leave the repeat= out of the configuration (0 is 
the default).  If you still have that problem, add delay=10 or something 
(which means the initial delay before starting to repeat is 10 events).


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