[mythtv-users] Backend Setup ver 0.21 with PVR-350 and pcHDTV-500

Darrel Mattox d.mattox1 at comcast.net
Sat Jun 14 00:15:55 UTC 2008

To All:


I apologize up front if this setup has been answered.  But I have searched
for a couple of days without finding an answer.  Is this setup correct?
What is the best/preferred/optimal configuration for mythtv with theses two


Configuration - Software

Fedora 8

MythTv 0.21-190 (from atrpms.net)


Configuration - Hardware

Hauppauge PVR-350



In "Capture Cards", I setup three cards

1.       PVR-350

2.       V4L analog driver for the NTSC tuner in the pcHDTV-5500

3.       DVB digital driver for the ATSC tuner in the pcHDTV-5500


In "Video Sources" I have two listing (from SchedulesDirect)

1.       Only analog channels (2-99)

2.       Only digital channels


In "Input connections"

1.        Attach PVR-350 to the analog channel listing

2.       Attach pcHDTV-5500 analog  to the analog listing

3.       Attach pcHDTV-5500 digital tuner to the digital listing


Should I have one video source with both analog and digital channels?

Do I need to setup a custom "input group" for the pcHDTV-5500 because it is
listed as two capture cards?








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