[mythtv-users] Myth Scheduler doesn't work as expected for two tuners & multirecord=2

Bernard Mentink bmentink at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 23:02:47 UTC 2008

Hi there,

I have a Mythbuntu box which I have just upgraded to have two SkyStar II
cards receiving Freeview here in New Zealand.
(I used to have one SkyStar II card using multirecord to watch/record
multiple streams of the one multiplex, ... that worked fine)

I setup the cards each with multirecord=2, which should give me two virtual
tuners for each card ,,, right?

The problem goes like this:

In New Zealand Freeview has two multiplexes with 9 channels on each.
If I am watching liveTV  on Frontend(A) tuning in a stream from Multiplex(A)
then try to tune in  a channel from Multiplex(B) on
a different Frontend(B), Mythtv refuses to allow me to do that, it instead
allocates me another virtual tuner from the card that is watching
multiplex(A), forcing me to
watch channels on that multiplex.

I cannot watch two different multiplexes simultaneously on two seperate
frontends, even though I should be able to since I have two pysical tuners
.... that sucks bigtime.

If I set multirecord=1 for each tuner, then I can achieve that, but I of
course only can watch/rec two streams instead of potentially 18 if I set
multirecord=9 for each card.

What am I missing here? I thought the intention was to be able to watch/rec
multiple streams off multiple cards similtaneously (assuming the hardware
can keep up).

Is there some sort of setup option I am missing, I have tried everything I
can think of, or does Mythtv just not work as expected in this regard?

Thanks for your time.
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