[mythtv-users] How to clean out recordings directory?

The GUIGuy linux at finalfiler.com
Sun Jun 15 00:25:20 UTC 2008

The GUIGuy wrote:

> So, my 101 question is "How are the recordings directory managed?" and 
> "Is there a setting somewhere so it doesn't retain everything ever 
> watched/ recorded?"

OK, OK, I've said it before, I am too stupid to use Linux and MythTV. ;-)

After doing the restore from an image and going back through the front 
end settings I see that the default setting is to keep just 1G free on 
the partition where the recordings directory is.

Which goes a longway to explaining why I was running out of space, which 
caused the 'cannot mount' errors.

I've increased the value to something a little more generous so I hope 
that'll fix it.

I'm beginning to realise that a lot more time is spent fiddling than 
watching or listening :-D



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