[mythtv-users] Mythtv on PS3

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Jun 13 04:23:23 UTC 2008

On 06/12/2008 10:09 PM, Anthony Giggins wrote:
> Hows the UPNP capabilities of the Xbox360 from Myth?

AIUI, the XBox 360 won't play MPEG video via UPnP (only from DVD's, it 
seems).  So, you'd have to transcode all your recordings to the 
Microsoft-blessed format (WMV) for the 360 to be of any use as a UPnP 
client.  If you happen to have MythVideo videos in the right format, you 
can play them via UPnP on the 360 (but what's the point, really, if you 
can't get to recorded TV?).

And, since the 360 uses about 50% more power than a PC (that can 
actually run a frontend), I'll be sticking with running a real 
frontend.  :)  (Of course, the PS3 uses about 33% more power than a 
360--or 2 times as much as a PC--so it's an even worse choice, unless, 
of course, you decide to take into account the 360's inability to play 
recorded TV, in which case the PS3 is a better choice than the 360, but 
a PC is still better than both... [fade out, stream of consciousness] )


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