[mythtv-users] Audio/video too fast on

Christopher X. Candreva chris at westnet.com
Thu Jun 12 02:17:27 UTC 2008

I just updated the kernel on my fedora 8 machine to, and 
afterwards all audio and video in every program I tried (Myth, mplayer, 
mpg123, and aplay) is too fast.  This is both with and without pulse running

sound driver is snd_intel8x0  , onboard audio for a 1ghz Dell Optiplex 

Booting the old kernel restores normal audio and video.

I'm stumped. Every search I've tried (2.6.25  audio speed timing , and 
variations there of) has turned up no one else with this problem.
Has anyone else had this, or can find mention of it anywhere ?

Chris Candreva  -- chris at westnet.com -- (914) 948-3162
WestNet Internet Services of Westchester

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