[mythtv-users] firewire to DCH-3200 STB not working, without VIA fw (myth 0.21)

jimmy james ubuntuidiot at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 14:22:54 UTC 2008

is your stb jumping nodes on you?  some moto boxes in particular will
initialize on node 1, but jump to node 0 on bus reset.  it looks like that
is what is happening to you, which could confuse things.

the best way to check it is on a fresh boot.  first, stop the mythtv backend
server, as it monitors firewire and gets in the way of testing.  next, check
the node the stb is on with plugreport, then reset the firewire bus:

$ firewire_tester -R

and check the node with plugreport again to see if it has jumped to node 0.
then, try priming the firewire connection.  once it is primed, i suggest
setting the starting channel for the firewire tuner in backend setup setup
step 4. to the *same* channel you just primed with, as it is a known clear
channel.  then restart the backend server, try watching livetv and see how
things go.

you might look into mythprime- a firewire primer based on firewire_tester.
a link to the current beta version with instructions is here:


a final, more robust version, including a channel changing option to prime
on a known good channel, should be available this weekend along with a new
beta version of the firewire channel scanner.

good luck!


Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] firewire to DCH-3200 STB not working, without
VIA fw (myth 0.21)
> I've had nothing but horrible experience with VIA firewire chipsets. I
> know at least two were the 6306 chip, the third I don't know. I
> couldn't get any of the three to work well, or consistent. I'd say get
> a TI or Aegere based card. I've setup two TI chipset systems that
> capture and change channels fine.
> Priming is as much a matter of your cable box as anything, but odds
> are you'll still need some sort of priming to get things stable.

> I put in another card, and same problem:


> After this, the connection is dead until I manually reset it:
> myth:~# firewire_tester -P 1 -b -n 1 -r 1
> Action: Test broadcast 1 times, node 1, channel 62
> Broadcast: Testing...libiec61883 warning: iec61883_cmp_create_bcast>
_output: Failed to get the oPCR[0] plug for node 1.
> iec61883_cmp_create_bcast_output failed

> Seeing that the DCH-3200 is an explicit choice of firewire STB in
> mythtv-setup, it has to work for some.
> Any idea what's going on then?

> Thanks,
> Marc
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