[mythtv-users] Help! Can't change channels after upgrade

peter at vanderwal.us peter at vanderwal.us
Tue Jun 10 21:00:45 UTC 2008

Just upgraded from Mythdora 4 to Mythdora 5. Everything was working fine
in M4 so I'm pretty sure it's not a hardware problem.

I can't get Myth to change channels. I can open a terminal and use
directv.pl to change channels no problem, but myth errors out.
It acts like it's changing, the display freezes and then resumes, but it
doesn't.  It defaults to Ch 4 and thinks it's still on 4 after trying to
change channels (Ch4 is first channel)

I have a Directv STB, using two USB to Serial converters with a null-modem
connector.  Worked fine with M4

I've tried chmod 777 on directv.pl, /dev/ttyUSB0, /dev/video and I've
tried chown mythtv:mythtv on the same. still no go.
I even set the external turner to /bin/true and it still acts the same way
(errors out and thinks it's still on ch 4)
I've deleted and reinstalled the video source twice, reloaded the channels
twice. I've even deleted the capture card, source, etc and reinstalled.
still no joy.

tv_grab_na_dtv seems to be working fine and mythdatabasefill --manual
grabs the right channels and sets up the database. The channels show up in
the channel editor.

The channels all show up in the OSD but it won't go to the new channel
when I select it.

Checked the logs and the backend error is:
TVRec(2): HW Tuner 2->2
Channel(/dev/video) Error: GetCurrentChannelNum(244): Failed to find Channel
Channel(/dev/video)::TuneTo(244): Error, failed to find channel
TVRec(2) Error: Failed to set channel 58
Finished recording:  channel 4294967295
TVRec(2) Error: GetProgramRingBufferForLiveTV()
              Program Info is invalid.

Possibly a clue: I have Input Connections set to default to channel 244. I
also have the OSD set to start at channel 244. However when I open the OSD
it's always on channel 4 (first channel) and if I use the remote to go up
a channel it always starts by trying to change to channel 6 (second

Help!! I've been banging my head against the wall for three days now and I
getting nowhere.


System is a Asus M2NPV-VM mobo in an Antec Fusion case with VFD, Hauppauge
350 and remote. I'm using the component video output.
I followed the tips about removing the Nividia drivers and installing
Kmod-nivida so that's working. I also did the changes to get imon and
lirc_i2c working so the remote works. Still have to fix SPDIF output.

Sorry if this is a little disjointed, I'm so tired I'm seeing cross-eyed.

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