[mythtv-users] Linux software raid question

Carl L. Gilbert clg-social at rigidsoftware.com
Tue Jun 10 14:12:27 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-06-06 at 23:27 -0400, John Drescher wrote:

> > you cant boot software on the RAID array.
> >
> I have been booting on software raid for a long time. Although I admit
> my boot partition a 256 MB is raid 1. And yes all 5 to 10 drives have
> the same contents. And also I install grub on them so all of them can
> boot if need be...

Last time I "booted" on software RAID it was not really on the RAID.
There were simply 2 exactly the same partitions on both drives that were
boot.  But if you removed a drive, then you had to go into BIOS to tell
it to boot from the other drive because it was not truly RAID at that
point.  Just duplicate.  Plus if you change the boot you have to
remember to copy it to both drives.

Unless the RAID driver is now somehow included in the boot manager!?

> <snip>
> > Its been a while since I did software RAID.  Are you doing 1 jumbo
> > partition?  last time I did software raid I had to recreate the
> > partitions then add them to the array one at a time.
> >
> I call this an advantage over hardware. I mean I get  my 256 MB boot
> and my 50GB / back under full raid level in a less than 30 minutes
> instead of waiting for hours..

I don't wait for hours if the drive was properly shut down.  When I did
software, that took a long time too if you did not properly shut things

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