[mythtv-users] MythArchive totally screwed up after update to 0.21

Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Tue Jun 10 12:26:09 UTC 2008

Torsten Crass wrote:
> Paul,
> thanks for your detailed reply!
>> One of the differences between 0.20 and 0.21 is the storage groups which 
>> allows more than one recording directory to be created. That changes the 
>> way recordings are handled in MythArchive. In 0.20 the script just 
>> needed the recordings file names because they where all stored in the 
>> same directory.In 0.21 it now requires the full path and file name 
>> because they could be stored in any of the storage group directories.
> But how exactly *does* mythburn.py (0.21) get the full path of a TV 
> recording file? Printing out the value stored in "mediafile" right 
> before the doesFileExist call just yields the recording's file name, not 
> its full path.
Basically it gets passed to the script in the job file.  The  filename 
including the path gets stored in the archiveitems table when you select 
recordings to archive. Later when the job file is created the full 
filename is added to the job file. If you had some old entries in the 
archiveitem table that don't have the full path to the recording then 
bad things can happen.

With hind sight when MythArchive was updated to work with the new 
storage groups there should have been a DB update to remove the old 
archive items. What you've got to understand is even though 0.21 is new 
to you in reality we started to work on it as some as 0.20 was out ~18 
months ago. For those people using svn from trunk there was a natural 
progression, the new way to add recordings was added, the script was 
later updated to remove the old archive items when completed 
successfully and then it was updated to work with the new storage groups 
stuff. It's only people jumping straight from 0.20 to 0.21 who are 
having a few problems. All they should need to do is remove the old 
entries in the archiveitems table.   

>> When you first run ProjectX it does run the GUI showing you a licence 
>> agreement that you have to agree to before projectx will run. It should 
>> only do it once though so long as it can create it's config file. Not 
>> sure where it writes it probably your HOME directory.
> Ah, right, that's what I guessed. The only weird thing is that (I think) 
> I already had run ProjectX as mythtv user some time ago, already 
> confirming its licence.

Looks like projectx actually creates the X.ini config file in the 
current directory.  Maybe changing to your HOME directory before running 
the FE  will work? That way it should always be able to find its config 
file and wont nag you to confirm the license agreement.

> But anyway. I'll give it another try tonight or tomorrow.
> Thanks again --
> 	tcrass

Paul H.

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