[mythtv-users] Scaleo E Experiance ?

Leen de Braal ldb at braha.nl
Tue Jun 10 12:17:42 UTC 2008

> Wow - first contact:)
> I immediatley installed knoppmyth onto it for the reason of having linux
> and an almost complete
> television system.
> I am interested into configuring the lcd display with my own programs. it
> seems to be either usb or EIB :(

Have not looked at it yet.

> I was not yet able to assign names to my tv channels, so the automatical
> program plan from internet does not work

You have to find grabbers for your country. The grabber that was in
mythdora did not work for me, but there is a dutch mythtv site too
(mythtv.nl), and here I found some more info, that helped me out. Grabbing
the epg-data takes some hours though, sometimes also missing info, and
that is also a thing I have to look into.

> What do you think about the system was delived with a hidden vga plug ?

Not here. I have three of these beasts here, bought them altogether for
600 euros. One is almost stripped to the bone, second came with broken
disk and without optical, one is almost complete (no kb). Just for the
sake of learning something about TV and PC's I started with mythbuntu and
mythdora. Mythdora worked more or less right out of the box, so I have one
of them (the most complete one) still running here with a VGA-monitor as a
second TV.
If I can find the time I am working on it.

> how can you get the remote control working with myth ?

It uses mceusb2 here.
Mythdora recognised this one too.

> keep in contact!
> congratultions about your win with italy :)

I did not play myself :) but thx anyway.

> --
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