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Sorry I'm using a blackberry and it won't let me edit the original message so I must top post or not post at all I guess is an option. 

I guess I'll have to dive  into lirc because my error is that the key is already mapped. Like the play button is "P" so my remote play button plays and pauses. Just like the keyboard "P" key. 

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On Jun 9, 2008, at 10:27 AM, robbinsck1 at gmail.com wrote:

> How do I map buttons in mythtv with the remote anyway? I know how to  
> do it with the keyboard but I need to change a few buttons on my  
> remote. For example I'd like to use "exit" to go back in stead of  
> "stop"

Step 1. Stop top-posting. ;)
Step 2. Go to Map Keys in Setup (not in front of it right now, so I  
don't know the exact name).
Step 3. Locate the command you want to change.
Step 4. Add a key mapping. When it asks you to press a key, press the  
button on your remote instead.

This will work in most cases when your remote is acting like a key  
input device (with lirc).
The other option is to remap what your remote is sending in your lirc  
config files, but the above method is probably easier.


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