[mythtv-users] recording from SCART

Bert Van Kets mythtv-users at vankets.com
Mon Jun 9 13:58:21 UTC 2008

Hi Guys,

I just got digital television here in Belgium using Telenet as a 
provider. They have a specific decoder box with its proper remote. This 
box only has SCART out for the digital channels. Normally, this would be 
connected to the TV, however I want to get this signal go through my 
MythTV box so I have all the good stuff. ;-)

How can I capture the signal from the SCART connector using one of my 
two PVR-150 cards in my FEBE MythTV 0.20 system?
I could use the S-VHS connection for video, but what about audio?

There is no Firewire connection (not legally required in Belgium)!

Any hints are appreciated.


P.S. I have been told that in less than two years there won't be any 
analog signal in the cable in Belgium any more. :-/

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