[mythtv-users] Slightly OT LCD/Plasma TV 720 or 1080 UK

carl-magnus.bjorkell at pp.inet.fi carl-magnus.bjorkell at pp.inet.fi
Mon Jun 9 12:13:00 UTC 2008

>I have no experience with your particular situation, however I would say 
>that if you intend to use it as a PC monitor I would definitely go for 
>Full HD. 720 vertical pixels would be pretty cramped for a PC monitor. 
>That's less than a 1024x768 monitor which is pretty much the low end 
>these days, and I think you'd find it very uncomfortable to work with 
>(depending on what kind of programs you would want to run of course).
>Kind regards,
>Pepijn Schmitz
>Stephen Robertson wrote:
>> Hello Friendly people!
>> I hope you don't mind this slightly OT question but I am sure plenty
>> of people here have been through the same process, from the same
>> perspective as I am.  I'm looking to get a new TV in the not too
>> distant future however I'm not too sure what to go for.  I'm not even
>> at the choosing a model yet but just looking in more general
>> specifications.
>> What are peoples thoughts on 720 vs 1080?  (HD Ready vs Full HD) on
>> sets that are 32" or 37".  The general consensus seems to be that 1080
>> doesn't really bring any benefit on that screen size but I was
>> wondering whether that held true when hooked up to a PC?  In my
>> particular setup it will be running Myth 90+% of the time but I would
>> quite like the ability to drop back to a normal desktop occasionally.
>> Anything else in particulat to look out for/avoid for MythTV specific
>> use.
>> I'm purposefully not mentioning what the mythfrontend system as it's
>> certainly not up to HD and will likely be upgraded at some point.
>> Thanks
>> Stephen.


Also, remember that (at least here in Finland) HD-ready TVs are NOT 720p. They 
have a resolution of 1366x768, which means that 720p will be scaled as well. 
This is not such big a problem when the HD-ready TV is paired with a computer 
as the computer will handle the scaling, but it's still a point to remember. 

As for the size issue: I myself own a full-HD samsung 40" TV, and I certainly 
see the difference between 720p material and 1080p material. I'm sure that the 
difference is more apparent on a bigger screen, but saying that the "difference 
is too small to notice" is BS. Of course the situation might be different on a 
32", but I would bet money on that you can see the difference on a 37" as well. 
Ultimately it comes down to how far away from the TV you're sitting anyway.

If the pricetag isn't too hefty, I would definitely go with the 1080p, but 
this is also largely dependant on personal taste :) 

Hope that this mail made any sense at all :) It's pretty touchy-feely :) 


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