[mythtv-users] Mythtv on ps3

Adam Skinner kingmoffa at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 10:21:45 UTC 2008

Further to the discussion on myth frontend on the PS3 - I thought I
would share my experiences. 

I have mythfrontend running pretty nicely on the ps3 at UK SD. I've not
tried any HD content (dont have any), but its connected to a 1080p LCD
via hdmi. Distro is xubuntu 7.10

The main thing I had to do to get mythtv running nicely was to apply
some patches to get X to use the cells SPU. I found some instructions on
psubuntu forums. This dramatically improves performance.

I dont use the ps3 as a FE most of the time (its a nice backup solution)
as I have a dedicated FE setup. A few little reasons cause this: 
1) Launching linux & thus mythfrontend is a little difficult for the
wife ( on ps3  System->other os->boot from other os) tad annoying. Nice
menu button would be great. 
2) Bluetooth ps3 controller I use for a remote sometimes doesn't map
correctly (maybe a setup fault by me).
3) Lack of RS232 makes my normal mythtv remote not work. 
4) Slight Overscan issues.
5) Boot time is a little slow.

I really want someone to make minimyth work on it. Might help with the
ltd ram. But compared to my original xbox it is miles miles better. 

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