[mythtv-users] LMSc

Pepijn Schmitz mythtv-users at chaos.demon.nl
Sat Jun 7 21:10:50 UTC 2008

I recently installed MythTV 0.21 on my Ubuntu Server 8.04. It has a 
TechnoTrend Budget C-1500 (DVB-C) card with a Multicrypt CAM which has 
worked perfectly with MythTV 0.20 on Fedora Core 5 so far, but now I'm 
having trouble.

Very often when tuning to a new channel when watching live TV I will get 
the letters LMS. which will after a few seconds turn into LMSc and then 
nothing more will happen. When it gets into this state it usually starts 
doing it for any channel I try to tune to, but when I try often enough 
it sometimes clears up and will tune to a channel it previously 
couldn't. If I restart the backend the situation usually clears up for a 
while (I can tune to a channel which wouldn't work before the restart).

This is annoying enough, but even more frustrating is that it also 
happens when recording scheduled programs! The symptom is that the 
recording appears to start fine, but when I try to start the recorded 
program in the frontend I get the message "the recorded file cannot be 
found" (I'm paraphrasing), and sure enough if I look in my recordings 
directory there is no corresponding mpg file and nothing has been 
recorded. (I don't actually know whether this is the same problem, but 
it does seem likely.) It does this about half the time, which is 
extremely frustrating. I've already missed many programs I would very 
much liked to have seen...

This didn't happen at all with version 0.20, recording scheduled 
programs was rock solid in that version, so it must have something to do 
with changes in version 0.21 (or possibly the OS since I also went from 
Fedora Core 5 to Ubuntu Server 8.04). I'm hoping the good people on this 
list can help me find out what's going on. I have a couple of specific 

* What does the C in LMSC stand for (for that matter, what do the other 
letters mean)?
* Why didn't version 0.20 have the C?
* Can I turn off whatever it is the C stands for? 0.20 didn't have it, 
and it also didn't have this problem, so apparently it's something I 
don't need and can cause problems.
* What can I do to generate more debugging or logging information in 
order to investigate this problem further?

Kind regards,
Pepijn Schmitz

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