[mythtv-users] trunk usable ? Am I missing something ?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Jun 7 19:59:42 UTC 2008

On 06/07/2008 03:28 PM, Another Sillyname wrote:
> I'm using trunk on F9
> few issues
> 1.  grabbed preview generates a "connection 'dbmanager0' still in use,
> all queries will cease to work error" whenever I try to use mythweb to
> see the current;y recorder programs.

That's just a useless warning and there's a simple "fix" that just 
hasn't been applied, yet.  I wouldn't really call it a fix, though, 
since it's not really broken.

> 2.  If a FE borks on a SQL connection it takes down the BE SQL server
> (this can be very annoying).

If a database application were able to take down a database server with 
/any/ action it's allowed to take, there would be no such thing as 
database applications because anyone could go around crashing the 
database server.  Therefore, there is nothing MythTV could possibly do 
to take down a properly-functioning MySQL server.  That means this is 
purely a problem in (probably your setup/version/... of) MySQL and has 
nothing to do with MythTV.

> 3.  the DB doesn't use commfree any more so causes problems with
> certain mythweb functionality (easily fixed directly in the DB).

That's /was/ a bug in MythWeb.  And, if you configured your 
commercial-free channels using mythtv-setup's channel editor, there were 
never any problems.  There /was/ a patch in Trac, but the patch was 
applied to trunk, and the bug no longer exists.  The funny part about 
this "problem with trunk" is that the bug has /not/ been fixed in 

And, besides, you forgot to mention:

4.  All the other known and unknown bugs and all the instabilities that 
will be introduced while the switch to Qt4 continues and as MythTV is 
converted to use mythui.

People have been well warned against using trunk on production systems.  
Anyone who chooses to do so had better be prepared to live with the 
consequences.  Right now, if you want to run MythTV to, say, record 
television shows, you should /not/ be running trunk.  If you're using 
MythTV for any other purpose, feel free to use trunk (but don't complain 
if things don't work).

So, basically, as was previously stated, if you aren't planning to fix 
the problems you find in trunk, don't even think of running trunk, now.  
We know there are many issues.  They're getting fixed as developers have 

See, also:


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