[mythtv-users] cords/cables/wires: HDMI vs. DVI

barbex barbex at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 09:45:21 UTC 2008

Hello everybody!

I have my Myth-box hooked up to the TV with SVideo. The quality is
good but I would still like to see if I can improve it. My LCD-TV has
an HDMI Input and my Nvidia 5xxx (can't remember) has a DVI output
unused. So I would like to try that connection and when I looked for
the necessary connection cables I could chose between two options:

19 pol HDMI-plug > 24+1 DVI-D plug 5,0m for 35,5 EUR


DVI-cable 24+1 plug/24+1 plug, 5m and an adaptor:
HDMI/DVI-Kompaktadapter for 13,05 EUR together.

Is there a catch I don't know about?
As far as I know HDMI is compatible to DVI. So I don't quite see why
the complete cable is so much more expensive than the DVI-cable with
the adaptor.

Am I missing something here?

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