[mythtv-users] Linux software raid question

Dan Wilson dwilson at dslextreme.com
Fri Jun 6 16:03:55 UTC 2008

scram69 wrote:
> One question - I have read both that it is and is not possible to move
> a raid-5 to larger disks by replacing them one-by-one.  I would think
> this sort of procedure would be desirable for us myth users who
> consistently seem to build "budget-conscious" machines and then run
> out of space for our favorite shows.
> The wiki page on "Growing" makes the following statement:
> "It is possible to move whole RAID array to bigger disc drives by
> replacing one by one."
> which is followed by:
> "This section, about how to do it, needs to be written by someone who did this."
> Has anyone, that we know of, done this?
I Tried, failed, trashed my array, and lost several months of recordings 
in the process....  I would love to see a write-up of the correct procedure!

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