[mythtv-users] Strange, non-deletable entry in database

Marshall Crocker maroc81 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 13:52:22 UTC 2008

I ran into the same problem after viewing live tv when my guide data was
incomplete.  I fixed it by deleting the record in the recorded table where
the title was null (empty string).  I don't know if there were any records
linked to this entry but it had a primary key of something like 4294967295
which I assume is invalid anyway. Deleting this record removed it from
the watch recordings list.

On 4/25/08, Bob Sully <rcs at malibyte.net> wrote:
> Hi -
> I have an index entry in my database that I can't get rid of.  It occurred
> the other night when I was watching live TV, when one of the tuners
> couldn't seem to get a lock on a channel.  A "2 minute", 126MB file was
> generated with the index entry _NO_TITLE_.  It did not expire, so I tried
> to delete it manually - the data file on disk went away but the index
> entry didn't and trying to delete it both from mythfrontend and from
> mythweb did not work.  Not only is it still in the list of recordings (on
> my main Mythbox, a BE/FE) but there's an annoying pause while the frontend
> looks for the data file that it's supposed to point to.
> Stranger still - if I fire up mythfrontend on my FE-only machine upstairs,
> the entry isn't there.
> Running optimize_mythdb.pl did not fix it.
> I did a Google search on this and found the following in a post on the dev
> list (25 Jan '08):
> "Log:
> If the title of a recording is empty (ie, ""), then set the displayed title
> to _NO_TITLE_ on the Watch Recordings screen.  The title is used as a key
> in several QMaps in PlaybackBox, and an empty string is used as a special
> case for All Programs, so this was masking recordings with empty titles.
> There normally should not be recordings with empty titles, but just in case
> there is bad data from a grabber or data provider, this mod will let the
> user see the recordings so they can be edited or deleted."
> However, I couldn't find any info on how to get rid of it.  Further,
> there's another post on the dev list from March that contains this:
> "As far as the _NO_TITLE_ is concerned, I'll need to investigate at what
> time this happens, but another thing its not (or does not seem to be)
> possible to delete the _NO_TITLE_ entry using the Delete option."
> Does anyone have any new info as to how to clean out this entry?  I
> suspect it will require a bit of MySQL surgery but only want to do this if
> there's no other way.
> Thanks
> Bob
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