[mythtv-users] Linux software raid question

Dean Harding dean.harding at dload.com.au
Thu Jun 5 04:13:14 UTC 2008

Carl L. Gilbert wrote:
> Hardware is hardware.  If your drive controller blows it blows.  Don't
> matter if its on the MB or in a card plugged into the MB.  No difference
> here.

There's a big difference, actually. If the motherboard dies and you're 
using software RAID, you can just buy another motherboard and keep 
going. It doesn't matter what kind of motherboard you buy, it could be 
from a different manufacturer, even different architecture.

> I am not claiming HW does something software does not.  You are claiming
> the superiority of what I assume is FakeRAID.

Software RAID is not Fake RAID. Software RAID just takes two (or more) 
regular drives, connected via a regular SATA or PATA interface, and 
combines them into one logical drive. It's done entirely in software 
(obviously) and does not require one of those "Fake RAID" controllers.

> So what do you do when one of your drives dies on software RAID?  Put in
> a new drive and go about your business?  Nope.

True, there is one extra step:

raidhotadd /dev/mdX /dev/sdX

(Of course, if more than one disk dies, it's harder than that, but I'm 
sure the same is true of hardware RAID as well).


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