[mythtv-users] Can' t get Digital TV listing from Schedule Direct?

Jason Salerno jasonmsphoto at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 2 16:49:31 UTC 2008

sorry about that. I thought my tuners info wasn't nessecary since it had (which I thought but will give detailed info on next email for sure) nothing to do with xmltv and mythtv. but I was using digital to analog convetor box. so it was giving nstc not astc so I can't scan channels. 

but I finally found answer  at here.

but it didn't work with ir blaster. so I had to use broadcast nstc channel 2 not 2.1 for the start channel. and edit the channums and freqid with phpmyadmin. it works for now. 

but I am wondering how that changes will affect the mythfilldata update daily. I am wondering if I might need tweak it still. any advice?

R. G. Newbury wrote: 
> Jason Salerno wrote:
>> I have been trying to get DTV antanna listing from Schedule Direct. but I could not download DTV subchannels only broadcast listing, Is it an bug? or Do i have to do some certain way to set up? Thanks in advance!
>> Jason
> You have not given enough information to determine what is going on. The 
> known sub-channels are generally listed in the Broadcast lineups.
> Have you added the sub-channels to your lineup?
> Have you scanned for/added the sub-channels to your mythtv setup? Unless 
> you have properly scanned for and added the channel, so that it shows up 
> in the CHannel Editor *with the correct xmltvid*, you will not get 
> listing data showing up in the EPG.
> Check out the wiki for assistance for your particular situation.
> Most likely you do not have the 'home' end set up properly.
> Geoff
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