[mythtv-users] DVB-S channel scanning gets stuck

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2008/7/28 Nick Morrott <knowledgejunkie at gmail.com>

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(Sorry, been busy at work, so apologies if this is a little late in the day.
:) )

> i) IANAL, so take this with a pinch of salt.

It's the internet, I take /everything/ with a pince of salt. :)

> ii) As I understand things, VirginMedia own the network, and by
> extension also the cable that comes into your/your landlord's
> property, and you are not allowed to connect unauthorised equipment to
> their cable network, whether or not you are a current VM subscriber.

This is where I'm not sure, as I understand it there is an explicit act that
covers the public telephone system, which is why it's illegal to connect
unathorised equipment to a BT phoneline (stuff without that green sticker on
the bottom.) but does this cover any network of this nature?

Mind you I'd accept that this may have changed a bit. (eg, up until recently
it wasn't illegal to trespass in the UK, I'd imagine it was much the same

> iii) 'Because it is there' and 'because someone else has done it' are
> not adequate legal defences (yet).

It would depend on the circumstances, if you end up infront of a jury they
can find you innocent for whatever reason they see fit. (In the UK at least,
I know not about other countries out there.)

> iv) The RF connectors are likely there because prevous subscribers
> could receive analogue TV through the incoming cable, in addition to
> their VM feeds which required decoding.

No, the RF connectors are added when the STB is removed, if a STB was
installed that was connected via an F connector, an additional lead was
occasionally used so you could get ntl stb feed /and/ the standard RF
signals, but in this case the adaptor wouldn't be required, an extra lead
was. (I've been a ntl/virgin analog cable customer for some 10 or so years
now, in several different properties.)

> v) Their legal page recommends calling 0845 840 7777 if you have questions.

That would cost me money and a lot of time, and I don't care that much. (As
I said, customer for 10 years now... really hate talking to their customer
support people!!)

If anyone else does though, can they postback here so we all know. :)

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