[mythtv-users] Dump of Setup > TV > Playback page from database

Ray Whiteman ray.whiteman at consultant.com
Sat Jul 26 02:09:58 UTC 2008


I have just run through an irritating couple hours resetting my 
xorg/.rc.nvidia-settings/TV playback options after a failed attempt at 
getting XVMC working.

Is there a way (scripted ideally) of dumping the TV Playback settings to 
a human readable text file to allow me to capture the configuration 
before fooling about next time?

I can obviously backup xorg.conf and .rc-nvida-settings, and I can dump 
the myth database. But restoring an entire database to get those 
configuration options back seems unwieldy.

For now I am using the old fashioned pen and paper method.

Thanks for your help.


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