[mythtv-users] Mythbuntu 8.04, LVM, pcHDTV-5500 (V4L) == Hang.

Francis Hartojo fhartojo at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 19:42:38 UTC 2008

Just started to notice this issue.  Previously the myth box has been
quite rock solid with almost the same set up save for the LVM.

- Motherboard:  ASUS M3A with an AMD Phenom Quad Core CPU.
- Memory:  4GB.
- Video:  NVidia FX 5200 TV-Out via S-Video.
- Tuners:  1x pcHDTV-5500 (analog) connected to a cable STB coax
(LiveTV default), 1x Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-USB2 straight cable (no STB).
- Disks:  2x Seagate 500GB.
- Partitions:  /boot on sda1 (ext3), swap on sda2, 1 LVM2 VG on sda3
and sdb1 with 2 LVs (/ and /var) formatted as XFS.
- LIRC:  Streamzap remote and serial IR blaster for the STB.
- OS and Myth:  Mythbuntu 8.04 32-bit updated to the latest patches.

The problem is that if I leave LiveTV long enough (i.e., 2--3 hours),
the system will eventually hang/freeze.  The TV would show a frozen
picture, no sound, the system wouldn't respond to keyboard input
(i.e., Ctrl-Alt-Del)---I haven't tried the magic SysRq sequences as I
just recently found out about them---SSH would respond although it
wouldn't give a shell prompt. Nothing suspicious in the log files that
I can see.

This starts happening after I rebuilt the system to use LVM instead of
straight FS' on disk partitions.  So, I'm guessing that somehow
there's a problem perhaps between the ivtv driver and LVM?  Anybody
else have experienced this as well?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, pointers, etc.
echo "sunegbwb at tznvy.pbz" | tr '[a-z]' '[n-za-m]'

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