[mythtv-users] Better Satellite Service in the US

Steve Heistand steve at heistand.org
Thu Jul 24 19:22:01 UTC 2008

> I have decided that with the recent availability of naked DSL I want to
> switch to one of the satellite television providers for the US. I
> currently run Myth with a PVR-500 and analog cable. I would like to
> record HD as I have a HD TV and a decently powerful (AMD 64 x2 5?00)
> Myth PC. Is either of the satellite companies providing IEEE-1394 ports
> or other ways to get HD content into a Myth box? I would be happy
> setting up OTA HD for my local stations. The only other stations I watch
> are HGTV and Discovery. Both of which are available 5C encrypted on my
> cable service.
> Any advice or pointers from those who have satellite hooked into their
> Myth box?

have 2 of the Hauppauge hd-pvr units hooked up to my mythtv box and directv.
I love it. the thing has almost restored my faith in humanity its that good.
of course it will be made illegal (the device or component outputs)
sometime soon I suspect :(

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