[mythtv-users] Basic setup problems (XvMC, Lirc, EIT)

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Tue Jul 22 08:37:07 UTC 2008


Comments  on part 3.

I didn't also get EIT working but managed to get XMLTV 
working. Problem with XMLTV is that it generates new rows 
to channel table and don't update the old channels (if 
correct chan_id is given in xmltv setup, I don't what is 
is opposed outcome but that it what does now). I manually 
edited the database so that it correct xmltvid's are in 
correct row/channels. This way I got the xmltv work.

I would also like to here what to do to get EIT to work..


On Tue, 22 Jul 2008 10:40:17 +0300
  "Petteri Matilainen" <pmatil at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I browsed through recent list archives but no-one seemed 
>to have
> similar problems. I'm running Debian Unstable with 
>MythTV 0.21
> compiled from source. M/B: Abit AV8 with GF FX5600XT 
>graphics card
> (AGP). Processor: Athlon 64 3500+. TV card: Nebula 
>digitv PCI DVB-T.
> All problems are related to SDTV (no HD in Finland). 
>Here they are:
> 1. XvMC playback stutters (LiveTV). In Xorg.0.log there 
>is a line
> about using XvMotionCompensation. MythTV configured to 
>use Standard
> XvMC + xvmc-blit or xvmc-opengl. Stutter is worse with 
>-opengl. MythTV
> compiled with "yes" on all the XvMC lines, including 
> With "Standard" decoder and xv-blit playback is smooth 
>without any
> stutter. CPU load in both cases is around 20 % 
>(cpufreq=1 GHz).
> 2. DVB-subtitles? Is there no place else to configure 
>them but
> mythweb? Or is it on by default? Because on one channel 
>here in
>Finland, DVB-subtitles aren't visible (other channels do 
>not use DVB
> subs).
> 3. EIT? I would love to use EIT program guide as opposed 
>to xmltv
> (there are some problems with that too). Is EIT scanning 
>also in
> mythweb only?
> 4. Lirc. Mythfrontend says: "could not connect to 
>socket: connection refused".
> 5. DVB radio channels cause Segmentation fault 
>(frontend). Although I
> don't listen them much, it would be nice to have them 
> 6. Frontend console filled with: "Audio: buffer 
> X is configured as 2 separate screens: 1 on my monitor 
>and the other
> DVI->VGA adapter->scart RGB to my CRT 16:9 TV (720x576). 
>There is some
> issues with aspect ratio switching: more specifically 
>it's not
> automatic. When I force 4:3 AR in mythtv, AR is correct 
>in TV, but
> when the commercials kick in, I get "letterboxing". And, 
>when mythtv's
> AR is 16:9, on TV programs are letterboxed but 
>commercials are "OK".
> I'm probably missing something related to AR but I've 
>read every page
> I could find about it. I'd be happy to post my config 
>files if needed.
> Thanks in advance.
> -Petteri Matilainen
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