[mythtv-users] roku 360

Peter VanDerWal peter at vanderwal.us
Wed Jul 16 10:11:19 UTC 2008

> Edward Goodnow wrote:
>> seems to me that the SDK is already there or nearly done. and that
>> Netflix is doing all they can to make deployment of 3rd party streaming
>> solutions a rather trivial matter. All of this leads me to believe that
>> not only is a Myth plugin feasible but that they would actually
>> encourage such development
> I highly doubt it. As we pointed out before, the movies that Netflix
> stream are DRM-encrypted. And while it's possible for Netflix to enter
> into NDA contracts with companies such as LG or Microsoft, they cannot
> enter into such a contract with the MythTV developers.

They won't provide source code, but they might be willing to deliver a
binary that handles DRM.

What with Myth being opensource and all, it might not be included, but
could be a plug in.

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