[mythtv-users] Any way to set default tuner/source?

Steve Curtis scurtis at fixation.net
Mon Jul 14 09:18:25 UTC 2008

Hi All,

Question: Is there a way to set a default tuner/source for the Watch TV
option in MythTV?

I've just installed a new DVB-S card which is working great.  In doing so I
also took the opportunity to setup the RadioTimes feeds and everything is
working great, even BBC HD :-)

In doing this, I created two sources using the uk_rt xmltv grabber; and
bound my DVB-T and DVB-S cards accordingly.  Unfortunately, my DVB-S source
and tuner card now seem to have become the default when I go to watch Live
TV.  I've matched up all the xmltv ID's in mythweb so I only have one
instance of each channel across DVB-T and DVB-S, but Freesat is missing some
channels, hence when you change channels outside of the guide it can't
receive them as its still locked onto the DVB-S source.

I'd therefore like to make my DVB-T (Freeview) source/tuner the default
source/tuner - except I can't seem to find anything to do this?  Any

Steve Curtis [scurtis at fixation.net]
Fixation Networks Ltd
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