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Raphael rpooser at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 20:18:41 UTC 2008

David Brodbeck wrote:
> Yeechang Lee wrote:
>> How do I tell the
>> difference between recertified and new drives? Something in the serial
>> number?
> They say "RECERTIFIED" somewhere on the label.  Sometimes you can even 
> see where they've applied the new label over top of the old one.
>> That said, I will say that WD drives account for 80% of the hard
>> drives that have ever failed on me.
> How interesting that is depends on what percentage of the drives you've 
> owned have been WD. ;)
> I can't draw any conclusions from the arrays at work because they're 
> 100% WD.  They also were all installed at about the same time, and have 
> very similar operating times, so I guess it's not too shocking that I've 
> had a few failures close together after a long period of none at all.
> I *am* pleased with WD's quick turnaround on advance RMAs and their 
> generous 5-year warranty on these drives.  They also don't make you jump 
> through hoops to do an RMA, unlike Maxtor, who insists on a trouble code 
> from their diagnostic CD.
> _______________________________________________

I always thought maxtor's RMA was great. Once I had a drive fail on me 
and I gave them a call. Literally the next day a UPS guy showed up at my 
door with a package - new hard drive inside (on a Saturday). I gave him 
the old failed drive then and there to give back to Maxtor. 
Cross-shipping is such a great way to keep customers happy.

However, I just bought a WD because of the great deal they had on a 
640GB, and the above average warranty sealed it.

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