[mythtv-users] Distorted sound on TNT, Game Show Network

Jim Miller mythgroups at castinghobby.com
Sat Jul 12 02:02:33 UTC 2008

Jerry Rubinow wrote:
> I've noticed that when playing back (at least some) shows recorded 
> from TNT (e.g. Law & Order, Cold Case) and Game Show Network the sound 
> is distorted, sounding as if it's overmodulated.  I'm not sure how 
> recently it started.  I'm recording using a PVR-500 via s-video + 
> analog sound inputs.  Source is verizon FIOS, digital tier of 
> channels.  Recording from USA, another channel in the same range 
> yields normal sound.  It is going through the exact same Myth input.  
> I'm using 0.21-fixes.
> I've tried messing around with the configuration settings on the 
> General sound page.  I tried changing the dsp, AC3 passthrough, 
> aggressive sound buffering, and a couple of other settings, but 
> nothing seems to affect the problem (although, of course, certain 
> settings cause me to get no sound at all).
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Jerry
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I've had similar problems in the past with PVR-500's.  For me the 
problem was firmware related.  With certain IVTV firmware's when used 
with certain revisions of the PVR-150/500 cards the sound would get the 
overmodulated sound that you describe.  It would not go away with a 
reboot.  Resetting the firmare required a shutdown, leave power off for 
at least 30 seconds to clear the cards registers, then power back on. 
I'm not very familiar with FIOS, but I assume with FIOS you have a set 
top box that you are feeding into one or more of the s-video input(s) of 
the PVR-500? Are you feeding two STB's into the PVR-500? Are the 
distorted recordings all being recorded with one of the "tuners",  with 
the clear recordings being recorded by the other? If you are only using 
one input then it is unlikely to be the firmware issue, but if it is 
related to one of the tuners and not the other (not really channel 
specific but input specific) then I suspect that it is firmware related.

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