[mythtv-users] Mythweb Flash Stream - Can I Open It With Some Other Player?

Alen Edwards allen.edwards at oldpaloalto.com
Fri Jul 11 17:25:42 UTC 2008

> I get sound in the player embedded in the mythweb page.  I get some sort 
> of "file can't be found" message when copying to URL from the asx file 
> into either Windows Media Player or VLC network stream dialog.

I wonder why I don't get any sound yet the file gives sound when played 
with Winamp???

> File still not found.

Just to be clear on what I did.  One ASX file I have looks like this:
<ASX version = "3.0">
<TITLE>Charlie Rose</TITLE>
<TITLE>Charlie Rose - </TITLE>
<REF HREF = "" />

I put ""  into 
Firefox and it offered me the option of saving it, which I did.  The 
strange thing to me is that it saved it as an .mpg file, which was easy 
to play.

What I am thinking from this and the error messages from MP is that myth 
is taking the request 
""  and 
redirecting it to the .mpg file.  The players we have tried, MP and 
WinAmp don't like the redirection.  WinAmp, for example, automatically 
inserts a file extension at the end of the url, which clearly will not 
work.  Too bad as WinAmp otherwise does exactly what we want.

> I wonder if it would stream with VLC?  Anyway, thanks for your reply.

While I would like to get sound as you do, ultimately I would prefer to 
have a larger screen of the correct aspect ratio so I am very interested 
in knowing what solution you find, and of course, helping in the search.


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