[mythtv-users] Looking for Motherboard.

Mark A Jenks Mark.Jenks at nsighttel.com
Fri Jul 11 11:14:25 UTC 2008

Just the answer that I was looking for.  Someone else that was in the
same boat and found an answer.
I looked at the cards, and it looks just like what I need.
I just need to look through the cards and find one that is half height,
otherwise I need to change my case.
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mail.netnet.net wrote:
> I'm working on building a few Frontend server for the owner of the 
> company I work for.
> He has a few TV's that can only handle Svideo and Stereo.
> I'm only finding MB's that have DVI and HDMI, but nothing with what I
> looking for.
> Anyone have any suggestions on a MB that can do this?
> TIA!
> -Mark

I wanted a MB with s-video and DVI and only found ones that are no 
longer in production (at least for an AMD processor).  I don't recall 
seeing any with s-video at all.  I tried a RGB to S-Video external box 
and it was not good quality, and very expensive compared to a video 
card.  I bought a PCIe 6200 card.

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